Shower Screen Replacement & Installation.

shower screen replacement
From shower screen replacement to complete new installations, we can provide and install the glass to rejuvenate your shower recess or supply and install the latest in modern showerscreen design and technology.

Whether it’s a framed shower screen, frameless shower screen or our contemporary design range of shower screens, we have experienced installers who will know what type of shower screen will work best for your shower.

Smithfield Glass Supplies – Adelaide Fully Framed Shower Screens.

Adelaide is a premium fully framed shower screen designed to be the best family shower screen, maximizing space and accessibility no matter how confined the access to your shower enclosure may be. Adelaide shower screens provides style along with strength of design and longevity. The Adelaide shower screen takes what your family throws at it and keeps on shining through the rigors of life in the busiest of households.

Adelaide shower doors are made to order and customized to your specific bathroom layout and measurements.
There are 4 different models in the Adelaide range of Showers Screens

Model 1 – Adelaide – 90º
The Adelaide shower screen series represents the latest in fully framed shower enclosures. The smooth contoured lines are easy to clean, yet drable enough to provide many years of wear and tear.

Model 2 – Adelaide – 90º
The 45° shower screen makes flexible use of minimal space in a shower enclosure allowing for the placement of both a vanity and toilet on either side of the shower screen without effecting the door opening.

Model 3 – Adelaide 90º with panel
An infill panel enlarges the Phoenix shower screen to suit big bathrooms, whilst maintaining a door in the shower screen that is an accommodating size.

Model 4 – Adelaide Sill-less Shower Enclosure
This shower screen is sill-less which is ideal where uninterrupted access is needed. This shower screen features a side-hinged door which still allows full width access. The top frame of the shower screen door can also be removed.

The Adelaide Sill-less shower enclosure is the perfect for hospitals, institutions and private homes where additional care and assistance for people taking a shower has to be provided by medical staff or a carer.