Shower Screen Replacement & Installation.

shower screen replacement

From shower screen glass replacement to complete new installations, we can provide and install a new shower screen to rejuvenate your bathroom & supply and install the latest in modern showerscreen design and technology.

Whether it’s a semi frame shower screen or a frameless shower screen, we have fully qualified glaziers who will work with you to establish the type of shower screen will work best for your bathroom.

Smithfield Glass – Adelaide’s Best Semi Framed Shower Screens.

Smithfield Glass has premium semi framed shower screen designed to be a user friendly, maximizing space and accessibility no matter how confined the access to your shower enclosure may be. Smithfield Glass shower screens provides style along with strength of design and longevity. The Smithfield Glass shower screen takes what your family throws at it and keeps on shining through the rigors of life in the busiest of households.

Smithfield Glass shower screens are made to order and customized to your specific bathroom layout and measurements.
There are 4 different models in the Adelaide range of Showers Screens

Model 1 – Smithfield Glass – 90º
The Smithfield Glass shower screen series represents the latest in semi framed shower enclosures. The smooth contoured lines are easy to clean, yet durable enough to provide many years of wear and tear. This model is designed with a 90 degree splash panel. This panel can be full size or a half panel to sit on the end of a bath.

Model 2 – Smithfield Glass – 45º
The 45 degree shower screen makes flexible use of minimal space in a shower enclosure allowing for the placement of both a vanity and toilet on either side of the shower screen without effecting the door opening. This model can be made as a full frame, semi frame of frameless model shower screen.

Model 3 – Smithfield Glass – 90º with infill panel
An infill panel may be required on some shower screens if your shower recess extends past the bath tub. Smithfield Glass has 20 years of experience with designing and installing shower screens within Adelaide and we will work with you directly to establish the best design for your bathroom.

Model 4 – Panel & Curtian Rod
Smithfield Glass recognizes that some bathrooms just don’t have the neccessary space for a shower screen. In this situation a simple panel and rod design maybe the best option. These can be made to any size and are also available as a panel on the end of a bath.