Residential Glass Replacement & Repairs

Residential household glass repairs are usually required as a result of an accident of some sort, slamming doors in high winds, a fallen tree, an accident or, in unfortunate instances, a break-in. Having broken glass in or around the home is not something any home-owner wants for long. As it is a hazard for children and pets and a security risk in the case of a window or external door panel. So if you have a broken window or some other broken glass you want it dealt with quickly and efficiently.

At Smithfield Glass we carry a large selection of common household glass so that we can respond to any situation. Our vans are fully equipped and our glaziers are qualified experienced professionals who have been servicing the Adelaide for many years. We will promptly attend any call out, make the area safe, clean up any broken glass remove and dispose of all unwanted glass and replace the pane with the minimum fuss.

In situations where the breakage is considered to be urgent or an emergency we will apply our emergency call out procedure and rise the call to emergency status.

We can also advise on insurance claims related to glass breakages.

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We service all areas:

  • Adelaide city
  • Northern suburbs Adelaide
  • Northern Eastern suburbs Adelaide
  • Eastern suburbs Adelaide
  • Western suburbs Adelaide
  • Southern suburbs Adelaide