To order your DIY Shower Screen you need to give us some measurements and the measurement will need to be sent with the order

The DIY2000 frameless shower screen is at the cutting edge of shower screen technology particularly for do it yourself installation discerning buyer.

The DIY 2000 semi-frameless screen Features

  • a pivot door
  • a chrome plated handle
  • a chrome plated pivot hinges
  • a telescope head and a bottom rail for easy fitting.
  • The door glass overlaps the side panel glass by between 30mm and 100mm
  • A water seal at the base of the door minimizes leakage
  • A slim elegant magnet on the door ensures a strong, positive closure
  • Minimal maintenance as the pivot hinge is the only moving part
  • Easy to cleaning because of rounded frame profiles and large glass areas.
  • All stainless steel screws to prevent corrosion.
  • Australian safety standards > the DIY 2000 shower screen is glared with a 6mm door and 5mm infill of toughened glass
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